Course Offerings

This is an invitation to enter each other.

Come play in the wilderness where sensuality touches spirituality.

Evoking God Between Us:
A 12 Week Journey

This course is for people whose past traumas are negatively impacting their productivity, professional vision, and capacity to have ease in their intimate relationships.

In This Journey You’ll Receive:

  • A non traditional approach to erotic recovery.  We will explore how modern concepts of “consent” can block the healing that’s wanting to happen, bringing our focus to nuanced “attunement.”
  • Transform frustration to compassion as you learn you and your partner’s saboteur archetypes and how you trigger each other.
  • An experiential journey on healing grief with physical intimacy. 
  • A deep dive on surrendering your relationship to spirit.
  • A private, 2 hour coaching session per couple at beginning, halfway, and close of the course.  I will help tailor the course to your specific needs and send you home with an after care plan.
  • The last 2 weeks will be spent integrating these tools into your life.
In the forest at daytime. Happy couple is outdoors

About Me:

My life began with being both sex trafficked and incested throughout my childhood and adolescence.  After college I served in PeaceCorps on a remote Native American reservation.  The atrocities of my own life and what I witnessed on the reservation directed my focus towards healing trauma and unjust disparities.  I’ve been in private practice 16 years.  My social justice projects include leading the Native division of the California Reducing Disparities Project and addressing unconscious privilege with senior management in Fortune 50 corporations. It was only through kink inside of a safe container of trust and mutual respect that I recovered from issues with limited focus and generalized distrust in God, which is my inspiration to lead this course. I continue my studies in erotic recovery with Ruth Schwartz of Somatica Institute.


*registration begins July 1

Sept 12 – November 28, 5 – 8 pm 

Contact me here for a complimentary conversation to discuss the course and pricing: