My Work with Queer/Trans Folx

Words Of Praise

Through the nine months of our ongoing partnership, I was able to peel back layer after layer of my resistance to self-care.  I was able to see how some of the decisions I made at a young age are affecting me now.  With Mindy’s help, I’ve been able to bring my dialogue to an adult place.  I was able to say that I wanted to be well, no matter what it took.  Through addressing the deeper roots of resistance, I made space for wellness in my life.  

Jackson Darlin


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  • Struggling with Anxiety?
  • Considering Gender Transition?
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Read on.

After working with queer folx for a few years, I came upon some findings that drive my approach.  For queer folx over 30, it is the themes of exile and belonging.  It has a few prongs.  First, there was the moment in your childhood that where you felt same sex attraction, or that you were born into the wrong gender.  As a queer person who grew up in rural Indiana, I remember the moments myself.  Being trans can cause a split often around 3 or 4 years old, where you realized something was definitely not right and went on to internalize both exile from society and self.  The maturation process had a huge monkey wrench thrown at it that needs to be freed from the body.  For a cis-gendered queer person, this may look like not being able to step into one’s identity as it wasn’t represented or allowed by society around you, and perhaps not your family, either.  Perhaps you interpreted that in order to live and succeed, a part of you had to stay in exile.  These subconscious messages leave their mark as you bend yourself in various life contexts, trying to fit in somehow.  Or, perhaps, simply maintaining your mental health as you realized that you’re trans was a huge, somewhat traumatizing journey in itself.  The good news is that being LGBTQAI++ is in vogue!  Be free!  The bad news is that it isn’t uncorked by a willing society alone.  Messaging around prescribed identities and the probability of exile are probably inside you somewhere, creating havoc.

My approach to how I work is similar in frame for all my clients, but working with the trans community, in particular, has some uniqueness (that I love).  A Two Spirited individual, to borrow from my time in Native culture, is often a gifted individual.  You came here with a superpower (or two) and perhaps never had it acknowledged during childhood.  It can be debilitating to know you have superpowers, be unseen, and then find yourself completely unrepresented in society, all by the age of 5.  It has to come out of the body.  The rebirth process is difficult, but sovereignty over your life is a worthwhile outcome.

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