Mindy has been incredibly helpful in supporting my healing process. Her combination of cranio-sacral, clairvoyant sensing, and verbal dialogue and interaction is quite magical. She’s particularly skilled in working with sexual trauma and has helped me access and move through some very early childhood material that up until now I’ve not been able to address

Daniela K, MFT

I consider myself pretty self-aware and thought I had worked through the painful parts of my past, so I was surprised when she moved me to tears. She was able to identify pain that lingered in my body and spirit, an old tug that was holding me back, and she helped me to discard it. I felt safe, protected, and nurtured throughout my session with Mindy. I arrived with curiosity but no expectations; I left with the sense that something profound had shifted for me. It’s now been a year, and I believe Mindy’s healing session gave me the clarity and confidence to move forward in a powerful, positive way.

Val Ebels, MD

Working with Mindy has empowered me to have necessary conversations instead of avoiding them. This newfound confidence has positively impacted my relationships.

Sydney Walker, L. Ac.

I started working with Mindy after 10 years of deep trauma healing work that included psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, psychedelics, and various other modalities.  After all this, it seemed I still needed something fundamental. I was dealing with complex trauma, also known as CPTSD, and it was working with Mindy that took things to the next level. I feel very lucky to have met her. She somehow has the power to unearth energies trapped in the body and these energies could be from childhood, from sexual experiences, from violence, from ancestors, from other lifetimes.. Who knows? Her work helps the body to metabolize these energies so that you can be free from the burden of carrying this around with you. I was surprised after so many years of doing deep work that I was still holding so much and Mindy was an important part of my healing process.

Jennie Cano, Musician

When I came to see Mindy, I hadn’t experienced an intimate relationship in over 2 years. My lack of confidence was inhibiting me from experiencing life as I wanted to experience it. Through our work together, I was able to see things differently. As my perception shifted, the world shifted around me. I’m currently pursuing career goals in line with my values, and taking on projects that contribute to my growth as a person. I’m confident making decisions that are healthy for me. I’m also in a wonderful, solid relationship. Mindy and I’s work together currently helps me maintain and integrate my process and seriously explore my human potential.

Erica Fullbright

My appendix scar since I was 3 years old was raised, red and angry.  In one session, Mindy helped me to let go of the physical and emotional pain I was holding onto.  My scar after that first session looked like a normal scar and even my husband noticed.  I’ve now had multiple sessions with Mindy and feel old, blocked energy moved out of my body. 

Catherine Bennett, Massage Therapist