My Work with Men

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After two sessions with Mindy, I called all of my female reports into my office individually to better understand their experience as a woman in tech. I wanted to find out how I may have made her small, how the group has lacked compassion, and how I can help.


Senior Manager


  • Tired of being unmet at home?
  • Straight but don’t identify with the heteronormative narrative?
  • Wanting your efforts to be more appreciated?
  • Not finding resolution for deep set patterns?


Read on.

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My Work with Men

It’s often men who were born with a solid dose of feminine energy that step out of society’s prescribed masculinity and into an exploratory dance with gender identity.  Or perhaps your father was violent and/or cruel, and you grew up fearing masculinity as it was presented to you.  Or both!  My work caters to folks who experience themselves as atleast somewhat fluid in terms of gender identity.  Breaking through toxic masculinity’s walls probably isn’t your work.  Finding partnerships, romantic or professional, that meet you with the your same level of presence and rigor is more your work.  You carry the load for others more than you want, most likely.

The basic frame of how I work with people is the same.  What’s unique about working with men, for me, is the entry point at which we begin to unwind the root of the unwanted, repeating patterns.  Regardless of whatever dose of femininity you possess, you definitely picked up what society was laying down in regards to the mantle of manhood.  It’s in there somewhere, telling you to sacrifice your true identity to participate in the sexual economy.  Even if intellectually you don’t identify, it has to be released from the subconscious.  And there’s a solid chance that at some point you learned you had to choose between your mom and your sexuality.  To explicate, let’s say your mom didn’t inhabit her sexuality healthfully or vitally, or thought teenage masturbation was gross.  Subconsciously, you learned that you were gross and/or sexuality and receiving love from women were incongruent. This sets you up for a lifetime of being unmet by your lover, and not being able to manifest your erotic power into life.  On top of the messaging via circumcision that you had to be made more presentable to even join the dance of life.  These are places where I look first.

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