My Journey



I was sex trafficked from ages 4 to 15, giving me strength and wisdom.  After college I served in PeaceCorps on a remote Native American reservation.  The atrocities of my own life and what I witnessed on the reservation directed my focus towards healing trauma and unjust disparities.  I’ve been in private practice 16 years.  My social justice projects include leading the Native division of the California Reducing Disparities Project and addressing unconscious privilege with senior management in Fortune 50 corporations.

Healing my own exploitation has been quite an initiation.  I spent 15 years in a dance of building a sufficient savings account to stop working and pay for expensive therapies, then return to work, rinse and repeat.  Although the journey was long, rigorous, and intensely complex, it took me into a knowledge base and strength that are now my superpowers. The gift of my atrocities is my broad knowledge on healing trauma.

I believe that I’ve created a private practice that contains the components through which the deepest of trauma can heal.  Our body and our subconscious, together, recorded how the knot was tied and therefore will inform us how to untie the knot.  Our bodies keep the score.  The path may be difficult, but it will be clearly marked.

My work with queer/trans folx is simply a reflection of my own journey.  Having been fundamentally unseated from basic belonging for finding beauty and attraction in both sexes, I remained isolated until reclaiming my belonging to the whole.  I reseated myself in my erotic choices, which is central to recovering the entirety of our power.

When not wearing my Healing Heroine cape, you may find me in out dancing, explicating sexual abuse via art, and gardening.

Words Of Praise

When I came to see Mindy, I hadn’t experienced an intimate relationship in over 2 years.  My lack of confidence was inhibiting me from experiencing life as I wanted to experience it.  Through our work together, I was able to see things differently.  As my perception shifted, the world shifted around me.  I’m currently pursuing career goals in line with my values, and taking on projects that contribute to my growth as a person.  I’m confident making decisions that are healthy for me.  I’m also in a wonderful, solid relationship.  Mindy and I’s work together currently helps me maintain and integrate my process and seriously explore my human potential.

Erica Fullbright

Grad Student